Big Networks – 2015

How do patients living in remote communities, or with limited mobility, communicate and interact with medical professionals? How can medical services be improved for these patients? According to [...]

Planet Innovation – 2013

Energy harvesting. Mentor: Abbas Kouzani and Yong Xiang, Deakin University Intern: Saiful Islam, Deakin University Industry Partner: Michael Joffe, Planet Innovation Pty Ltd Project [...]

MPower – 2013

Developing a smart wireless monitoring system. Mentor: Abbas Kouzani and Yong Xiang, Deakin University Intern: Adam Straube, Deakin University Industry Partner: Randy Low, MPower Pty Ltd Project [...]

Integrated Research – 2013

Virtualisation Performance Monitoring. Mentor: Albert Zomaya, The University of Sydney Intern: Maruf Ahmed, The University of Sydney Industry Partner: Tony Young, Integrated Research Project [...]

Palmer Technologies – 2012

Transfer mathematical model to heat transfer program. Mentor: Tony Howes, The University of Queensland Intern: Edison Yipeng, The University of Queensland Industry Partner: Greg Palmer, Palmer [...]

Taylor Fry – 2013

Meyers-Shi finalisations and chain ladder serial correlations. Mentor: Jun Ma, Macquarie University Intern: Jing Xu, Macquarie University Industry Partner: Greg Taylor, Taylor Fry Pty Ltd Project [...]

Lignor – 2013

Commercialisation of engineered wood products. Mentor: Barbara Ozarska, The University of Melbourne Intern: Megan Graham, The University of Melbourne Industry Partner: Andrew Adams, Lignor Pty [...]