The total cost of an APR.Intern project are laid out below: $3,000 per month is received by the student as a Student Internship Scholarship for the duration of the internship $5,500 is paid to [...]

Defining a project

Typically, internships are completed within 3-5 months. A member of the APR.Intern team will personally work with you to scope your project, then seek suitable students from our university [...]

APR.Intern’s Network

APR.Intern currently draws interns from all universities in Australia. In 2017 APR.Intern finalised negotiations with the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training to [...]


Further develop and innovate your business for future growth Fill a short term need, 3-5 month internships provide attractive flexibility All Intellectual Property remains with your business [...]

What is AMSI?

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) is an independent Australian collaborative enterprise of mathematical sciences. It provides universities with infrastructure, so that [...]

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