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Academic Mentors play a vital role in the success of each APR.Intern project. They provide guidance and steer the PhD student towards the project’s research goals.

When a mentor is teamed with a PhD student, the business can leverage from a bigger pool of research expertise. Through direct engagement with industry, academics can accelerate R&D income and strengthen partnerships.

APR.Intern also assists education institutions to build new partnerships with industry. Many academics are utilising the program as a platform to engage with industry due to the nature of its shorter project timeframes of approximately 3-6 months. This is a reasonable timeframe for both the academic and industry partner to assess opportunities for further collaboration.



Industry partnerships increase research opportunities & deliver on engagements KPIs


Contribute to ARC Linkage track record & access to other funding streams


Industry engagement draws research talent to your team; essential to funding success


Gain a one-off payment towards your research account



A one-off payment to the Academic Mentor is paid through the Academic Mentor’s university and counts as research income.



The Australian Research Council (ARC) counts APR.Intern internships as a track record for ARC Linkage Grants. An internship can also assist in identifying potential ARC Linkage Grant projects after an internship has concluded.

Expand Research Collaborations

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Is an internship renewable?

While not technically “renewable”, a follow-up proposal can be submitted to further research undertaken in a previous internship. However, this second proposal will be considered using the same procedure as the original internship. Please note that the final report must be submitted for the original internship before the second internship proposal will be reviewed.

Is there a deadline for submitting proposals?

Internship proposals can be submitted at any time.

Is it possible to extend the internship period beyond the end date stated in the Terms and Conditions agreement?

Internship projects usually have a duration of 3-6 months. The schedule in your Terms and Conditions agreement will state the “End Date” of the project, and the Project Plan will outline the milestones to be achieved during the project which are agreed by all parties.

To obtain an extension, you must contact APR.Intern before the End Date and provide a justification for your request.

I am an academic supervisor with an industry partner, but do not have a student. Can you assist me with finding a student?

I am an academic supervisor with an industry partner, but do not have a student. Can you assist me with finding a student?

What is the working arrangement between the student and the industry partner?

The primary aim of the program is for the student to gain relevant professional training and skills within a workplace setting, relating to their area of study. Students do not undertake day-to-day commercial activities, but focus on a short term, self-contained research project related to their field of study. There is no employment contract between the student and the industry partner and as such the student is not held to obligations whilst undertaking the internship. Students remain enrolled at the university whilst completing the internship and receive a scholarship, not a hourly rate. The project contract outlines that the industry partner is under no obligation to create an employment relationship with the student and that the primary purpose of the internship is for the intern’s educational purposes.

What is expected of an academic mentor?

AMSI expects academic mentors to oversee the scientific rigour of the research project, ensure the intern is paid their allowance, oversee reporting and actively engage with the industry partner. To foster a relationship with industry partners, Mentors should meet or talk on the phone with their industry partners at least once per month.

What benefits do academic mentors receive?

The academic mentor will receive a one-off payment for their support and supervision of an intern. This money will be paid to the university and placed in the mentor’s research account for use to cover placement related expenses; i.e. travel associated with the internship, the purchase of hardware, software, books and journals, or conference attendance. It cannot be paid to the mentor as a salary top-up.

Is any money taken out of the grant for overhead by my university? In other words, do we get the full amount of the internship grant?

The mentor’s university may not take any of the funding from the internship grant for overhead.

I hold an adjunct position at an Australian university. Am I eligible to participate as an academic mentor and receive the internship grant?

Yes, as an Adjunct Fellow you are eligible to participate in the APR.Intern program as an academic mentor and receive the one-off payment for support and supervision of an internship.

I am interested in taking part in the APR.Intern program but do not have an industry partner. Can you assist me with finding an industry partner?

Yes we can assist with locating an appropriate organisation if your research interests can be well defined and if you can suggest several prospective partners. This is the most difficult method of securing a partner and can take a considerable amount of time.

Who prepares and submits the proposal, the intern or the mentor?

Project proposals should be developed collaboratively and submitted by the academic mentor.