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Can we help with your business challenge?

We’re here to help you with a simple framework to get your project going.

  • Talk to APR.Intern

    Our business development advisors are here to guide you through every step, from start to finish

  • Define a Project

    Outline your project brief/needs

  • Identify & Match

    We source student and mentor teams from universities across Australia

  • Select

    Interview and select the right candidate for your business

We get everybody on the same page from the start

Once you’ve selected an intern and their academic mentor, you’ll define expectations and outcomes.

  • Develop a detailed project plan

    You work with the intern and academic mentor to refine the project plan

  • Project Plan finalised

    Internship objectives, milestone and details are mapped out

  • Standard Agreement

    Standard agreements help turnaround time

  • Start Project

    Once the agreement and project plan are signed off, it is full steam ahead!

How is the project managed?

  • Guided by project plan

    The agreed project plan will keep the internship on track

  • Regular check-ins

    APR.Intern regularly checks in with all parties to ensure everything is progressing smoothly and to help with any issues

  • Mid-term presentation

    Opportunity to review approach and progress, and plan for completion and reflection

  • Final Presentation & Report

    Intern presents their results and the project’s impact in a face-to-face presentation and written report

Where to from here?

Get in touch with one of our business development specialists today: