APR.Intern is a not-for-profit program driving innovation through industry and university research collaborations. The program is working at the nexus between industry and academia, connecting PhD students, and their academic mentors, with industry partners through 3-5 month, tightly focused research projects.

APR.Intern aims to support industry-based training of PhD research students in all Australian universities, to increase employability and broaden business and university collaborations.

The program is focused on gender equity, prioritising the placement of women, domestic citizens, regional, Indigenous and disadvantaged PhD students into STEM internships.

Along with their research skills, our PhD students bring perseverance, tenacity and logic to a project.


Turn PhD theory into practice on an industry problem

Explore flexible working opportunities & child care support

Build industry networks and enhance CV

Develop soft skills to complement research expertise

Earning potential of $9k-15k over 3-5 months



Eligibility requirements can differ depending on your university and the companies we work with, however all of the following criteria must be met by all participating students:

  • You must be a currently enrolled PhD student at an Australian University
  • You must have met the requirements of your confirmation milestone and be able to demonstrate that participation in the internship will not adversely impact on your scheduled thesis submission date. Your application must be supported by written approval from your Principal Supervisor to participate in the APR.Intern program.
  • You must be either a domestic student, or an international student with the appropriate student visa.


Information about applying, including our application form templates, can be accessed using the APPLY NOW link.


I fill some, but not all, of the skills required and/or disciplines listed in the project description. Can I still apply?

Where a skill is noted as “essential”, or is an inherent part of being able to conduct the research and produce the expected outcomes, then you will be required to possess this skill in order to progress to shortlisting and interview stage. Possessing essential skills does not guarantee you an internship, as candidates will be interviewed and selected by the industry partner.

If you are missing skills that are “desirable” or “preferable”, or if you believe that you possess enough of the required skills to competently complete the project, please speak with your supervisor about your suitability for the project and consider applying.

Disciplines and keywords listed are intended as a guide only for our university contacts to distribute to their postgraduate students. If you are not sure whether you fit into these, please ignore the disciplines and keywords listing and consider applying if you have the skills required for the project.

Can Undergraduate, Honours and Masters students apply?
Undergraduate Not eligible at this time.
Honours Not eligible at this time.
Masters by coursework

Masters by research

On occasion we advertise specific projects which may be suitable for Masters students. These would be sent through your university department or school and where applicable will state that Masters students are eligible to apply.

Masters by Coursework students may be considered for participation in the internship program so long as they meet the requirements of having an ‘enrolled’ student status. As the internships do not align with Semester timeframes, students will need to confirm that they have the flexibility to complete the internship during the advertised timeframe.

Please note that we do not accept applications from Masters students under our General Application process.

All applicants must be a currently enrolled student at an Australian university.

I am completing Masters by Coursework and do not have a supervisor – what should I do?

The APR.Intern model requires interns to be supervised by an ‘academic mentor’ for the duration of the internship. Should you be a Masters by Coursework student you will be required to source an appropriate academic supervisor who is willing to act in this role should you be successful. Please view the Academic Mentor page to see a description of the benefits.

Can I apply for an APR.Intern internship if I am attending a university outside Australia?

No, APR.Intern only accepts applications from students enrolled at Australian universities.

Can an internship be held outside Australia?

At present the majority of the internship has to be conducted in Australia with a mentor based at an Australian university.

Companies may choose to have the intern travel to other locations at their own cost and with the prior agreement of the intern.

I am not an Australian citizen but attend an Australian university. Am I eligible for an internship?

Yes, you are eligible as long as you are enrolled at an Australian university and you have one of the following visas:

  • Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573)
  • Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574)
  • New Student Visa (subclass 500) which combines 573 and 574 from 1 July 2016

Your visa must be valid for the entire duration of the internship.

Can I undertake an internship project part-time?

Usually internships are normally undertaken on a full-time basis during business hours. In some situations part-time projects can be accommodated if the right industry match can be found.

Please note that if you are a student and do not hold Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency, you must check that the terms and conditions of your visa will permit you to undertake the internship.

Can I take a Leave of Absence during the internship?

Domestic Students

The ability for your university to make stipend payments differs between each institution. If you have been successful in being awarded an internship and are thinking of taking a Leave of Absence during the internship, please raise this early on while the Project Plan is being negotiated so that our team can clarify this for you before you start the project.

International Students

Leave of Absence is not allowed for international students due to visa requirements.

I have previously applied, do I need to submit a new application?

If you submitted an application to an advertised project/opportunity

If you were unsuccessful in being awarded the internship for an advertised project/opportunity, your application would have been closed off. Therefore you will need to resubmit a new application for any other opportunities or send through an application through our General Application process.

If you submitted an application through our General Application process

If our Business Development team have followed up your list of Potential Industry Partners but this did not eventuate in an internship, your application would be closed off.

You will need to submit a new application with a new list of companies in your Potential Industry Partners form, or detail any new relationships made through your networks to try to maximise the potential of converting one of these into an internship project for you.

Our application forms have recently changed, so please ensure you use the correct versions linked on the Apply Now page.

Do I need to know someone in the industry to complete the Potential Industry Partners form?

Whilst it is not mandatory to know someone within the companies you have listed as your preferred industry partners, any existing networks or contacts that you or your supervisor may have can increase the ability of our Business Development team to negotiate an internship project for you.

The more solid the industry partner preferences you provide, the more avenues we can pursue to negotiate an internship project for you. However if your research is within a niche field and you cannot provide all 5 preferences, you can explain the value that your research can bring to the industry partners you have listed under the “reason for selecting Industry Partner” section.

How does the application process work?
Submit your application via the APR.Intern website
Our team checks your application for completeness and eligibilty within 3 business days of receipt
If you meet minimum eligiblity requirements, your application will progress to an APR.Intern Business Development Adviser
The Business Development Adviser will review your application and call you within 10 business days to discuss next steps
The Business Development Adviser may arrange a meeting with you and your academic supervisor to discuss your research and list of potential industry partners
The Business Development Adviser will follow up with the contacts listed in your potential industry partners form to try to negotiate an internship opportunity
If successful, you and your academic supervisor will meet with the industry partner to work out the project plan and progress to an internship agreement
If we have not been able to secure an internship for you within 3 months, we will notify you and close your application, but you can re-apply with a new set of potential industry partners
Submit your application via the APR.Intern website
Our team checks your application for completeness and eligibility within 3 business days of receipt
If you meet minimum eligiblity requirements, your application will progress to an APR.Intern Business Development Adviser
The Business Development Adviser will review all applications and shortlist students for interview after the application closing date. It may take 2-4 weeks after the application closing date for you to be notified of the outcome of your application. This is due to a number of factors, so please be patient!
If you are shortlisted for interview, the Business Development Adviser will arrange this with you and your academic supervisor
If successful, you and your academic supervisor will meet with the industry partner to scope the project plan details and progress to an internship agreement
Am I able to take time off during the internship to attend a conference or for personal reasons?

If you progress to interview stage, during the interview please ensure you inform us of your conference or other leave dates. Depending on the industry partner and project’s requirements, there may be some flexibility for you to be able to ‘pause’ the internship for the time you are away and come back to complete the internship.