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YTEK knows the value of working smart, saving clients time and resources thanks to cutting-edge student assessment and debriefing training system, ExTrace.

Needing to explore the addition of voice recognition capability to ExTrace and supported by the Defence Science Institute, they found the perfect innovation solution with APR.Intern.

“As an engineering organisation that prides itself on resourceful product innovation investment, DSI’s support and the program’s potential to link us with affordable, specialised research resources to deliver practical goals were pivotal to our decision to turn to APR.Intern.” says YTEK CEO, Richard Yanieri.

YTEK shares the national all-sector, all-discipline postgraduate internship program’s focus on delivering low-cost, focused research and development outcomes.

“Thanks to our flexible engineering project management approach and La Trobe University PhD student, Farhad’s specialist research skills we achieved our targeted proof-of-concept goal in only four months,” 


Richard Yanieri, CEO YTEK

For Farhad the project was a chance to apply his PhD research on automation in a real-world industry setting with high impact results furthering the benefits of ExTrace for trainees, facilitators and organisations in clinical environments.

“I was excited to broaden my experience in a new challenging environment while developing my problem solving and collaboration skills,” said Farhad.

As well as applying his skills to an industry problem, working with a global innovation company like YTEK was a powerful kick start for Farhad’s career.

“I knew that in the current competitive market, having experience in my field of study with such a high-tech company would put me a step ahead,” he added.

The program didn’t just press the fast forward button with Farhad, with the access to specialist research capability accelerating innovation for Richard and the team at YTEK.

“APR.Intern assisted us to augment and speed up our product development goals. Knowing we can count on this as a resource to assist has strengthened our resolve to continue to invest in research and development,” 


Richard Yanieri, CEO YTEK