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An APR.Intern placement-turned-collaboration with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group (DST), has put University of South Australia PhD student, Ryan Green, on the industry innovation fast track.

“The opportunity to apply my skills to a real-world project was the exact opening I needed to start my career in the industry. it gave me practical experience and contacts in the industry,” said Ryan.

Australia’s leading all sector-all discipline internship program, APR.Intern, matched Ryan to DST, to help assist in developing a simple demonstration of goal-driven autonomy (GDA) applied to a notional Deep Ray Glider as a proof-of-concept.

“Ryan provided a valuable role to my team that was previously lacking and has allowed the project to advance much more rapidly than I had expected. The benefits of this to DST are manifold,” 


Dr Martin Oxenham, DST Discipline Leader Machine Cognition in DST’s Joint Operations and Analysis Division

The success of the initial project and positive impact of Ryan’s work led DST to continue its collaboration with the University of South Australia to integrate the GDA with the Deep Ray Glider.

“I  am currently working full time under a DST grant to implement the AUV autonomy I designed under the APR internship,” said Ryan.

Based on the project’s success and the ease of the APR.Intern process, Martin is quick to recommend the program.

“Applying for an APR.Intern was straightforward, the whole process took very little time and the outcome in this case has been nothing other than extremely positive,” he said.

As he continues to work with DST, Ryan is also quick to recommend APR.Intern to others looking but warns there are no short cuts into industry.

“It gives you an opportunity to get your foot in the door, and what you do from there is up to you. For me, the trajectory is looking good and I have the internship to thank for kick starting that,” 


Ryan Green, PhD Intern at DST