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Tech Leader Engages PhD Intern for Innovative Project

Computer networks have become increasingly complex and critical to businesses. As a result, Metamako – an industry leader in the network technology space – sought to help firms simplify network management by exploring the use of machine learning in an innovative new product.

To develop the product’s framework, Metamako partnered with APR.Intern to add new talent to the team and tailor a high-impact research project using the specialist coding skills of RMIT PhD student, Kate Kim.

“We were looking for an intern with skills in software development and machine learning to be the lead developer on a new prototype,”


Scott Newham, Metamako Co-Founder

Following Kate’s review of machine learning techniques and in-depth experimentation, Metamako was able to draw a clear direction for the new product’s future.

“The result was a framework we are using internally today, with a view of developing it even further. We envision it will provide a useful solution for those companies looking to make complex network management more efficient and significantly easier by leveraging cutting-edge new technology, continued Newham.

For Kate, the internship was the perfect opportunity to apply her machine learning studies to real-world problems, build skills for the future and work in a fast-moving scale-up environment.

“My experience with Metamako was one of the most defining achievements during my PhD candidature. The project provided me with an invaluable opportunity to improve my coding skills by working under, and being mentored by, an experienced programmer. I believe that without tackling ‘real’ industry obstacles, it’s difficult to improve existing skills,”


Kate Kim, PhD Intern at Metamako

Metamako plan to further develop Kate’s project into a product set to transform software-defined networking.

“Kate’s research provided us with significant input in creating a new solution that will ultimately transform networks,” Scott concluded.

Metamako & APR.Intern have been working closely together to provide PhD students the opportunity to apply their skills in fast-moving, real-life environments. Metamako is committed to giving graduate talent the opportunity to apply their skills in the corporate world and make a real impact on modern-day technology.