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VISA Global Logistics, one of Australia’s largest privately-owned freight forwarding companies, was looking for a solution to the classic travelling salesman problem – how to get from A to B in the least amount of time and energy.

With online sales soaring, the logistics company wanted to find more efficient ways to deliver goods, reduce their carbon footprint, and at the same time grow profits – in effect optimise their routes. So, VISA Global Logistics engaged APR.Intern to find them a creative mathematician to develop new approaches for improving the efficiency of their fleet.

Mathematics PhD student, Yi Chen, from Federation University Australia, was selected to take on the project. Yi knows all too well that optimisation problems are tricky. The fun part, he says, is seeing the optimisation give better numbers and in this case, seeing it give even better profits.

“The results provided by the intern were very impressive. Improvement in efficiency of vehicle movements will result in a direct and significant monetary saving to VISA Global, both in terms of wear and tear on vehicles, as well as fuel consumption – with the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint,” 


Marcus Denny, VISA Global Logistics Systems Design Division Manager