Martina Di Venere

Haemograph is a biomedical start-up based in Victoria.

When the team identified an opportunity to automate blood clot measurements, with the potential to save lives, it brought on the research expertise of Martina Di Venere – a PhD student at Deakin University.

Specialised in biomedical engineering and fluidics, Martina took part in an industry internship facilitated by APR.Intern, and accelerated R&D for an innovative, new device. Guided by her Academic Mentor, Associate Professor Alessandra Sutti, Martina managed in-depth literature reviews, analysis, design and development of initial methods and prototypes.

The six-month project was managed under remote arrangements, utilising Zoom and conference calls, with results that would influence the medical industry.

“My time at Haemograph was a great opportunity to learn new skills and experience the differences between industry and academic research environments. I gained new technical and soft skills, and learned the inner workings of a start-up,”


Martina Di Venere, Deakin University PhD graduate and former PhD Intern at Haemograph

Haemograph CTO and Martina’s Industry Supervisor, Dr Alex Lubansky, believes Martina’s contributions will greatly advance the company’s product.

“Martina provided useful insights on the project and other areas of our work, and even assisted in the supervision of two master projects aligned with her topic. Her contribution, and the APR.Intern program, were highly appreciated,”


Dr Alex Lubansky, Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Haemograph

Following the internship’s success, Martina was offered full-time employment as a Research Engineer; an opportunity to continue tackling life-saving biomedical challenges.