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Interest in underground fuel storage has recently skyrocketed, thanks to growing environmental concerns and regulation. To investigate fuel loss during storage at service stations, wetstock management specialists, Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS), collaborated with La Trobe University PhD student, Roshan Kumar, on a tailored internship.

As part of the five-month project facilitated by APR.Intern, Roshan was given the opportunity to apply his technical skills to a real-life challenge, working with EMS to inform and lead new product development.

“Roshan’s project not only achieved its aim of identifying influences of known fuel system losses, but uncovered new information leading directly to broader benefits in terms of environmental impact,”


Erica Scott, EMS Operations Manager

With the guidance of his Academic Mentor, La Trobe University Head of Mathematics and Statistics, Associate Professor Luke Prendergast, Roshan utilised machine learning and software development skills to design data-driven algorithms.

The internship provided me with an opportunity to hone my programming skills and learn new concepts, while attempting to manage the complexities of real-world situations. It was a great transition from the academic environment that makes the education experience more wholesome,


Roshan Kumar, PhD Intern at EMS

The opportunity to mentor Roshan highlighted the transferable nature of PhD skills for Associate Professor Prendergast.

“For me, being able to see first-hand how Roshan solved difficult problems with programmed solutions highlighted how academic researchers can work brilliantly with industry partners for mutual benefit,” 


Associate Professor Luke Prendergast, La Trobe University Head of Mathematics & Statistics

Following the project’s success, EMS employed Roshan in a newly created, full-time position.