Euler Capital creates opportunity from change in global financial markets. Their focus is on investment, research and technology by deploying quantitative, systematic and behavioural based trading models to transform volatility into opportunity.

The access to Australia’s brightest emerging research talent provoked Euler to partner with APR, to support PhD students gaining practical experience with an innovative technology firm. One former intern is Abbé Whitford from the University of Queensland, who worked on exploring a trading algorithm to apply for commercial use, specifically for trading energy products.

Abbé is a 2nd year PhD student studying observational cosmology, theoretical cosmology and astrophysics after completing her undergraduate degree with majors in physics and mathematics. On completing her honours year in physics, Abbé published her research in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and gained experience working as a data analyst in industry. Abbé is passionate about understanding how mathematics and physics can be used to describe the world around us, ranging from motions of galaxies to understanding fluctuations in the financial and global markets.

Her PhD research focuses on Large Scale Structure cosmology, which is looking at the way matter (galaxies and non-visible matter) are distributed across space. This information is used to perform statistical analysis in order to understand the history of the expansion of the Universe and learn about the amount of matter, radiation or energy that exists and influences the expansion and growth of structures, like clusters of galaxies which enables a greater understanding about fundamental physics.

“The project I worked on involved exploring a trading algorithm to apply for commercial use, specifically for trading energy products. I developed code to generate signals that allows a user to determine whether to buy or sell a specific energy product on a given day, and I developed code to test the performance of the algorithm on historical data. I also tested modifications to the algorithm to try to maximise profit and minimise risk of losses for a trader over a long period. The implementation of the algorithm will allow Euler Capital to trade for its clients in an algorithmic way and grow investment portfolios.”

– Abbé Whitford, Former APR Intern at Euler Capital.

Image: Abbé Whitford, APR Intern (supplied).

“In my previous research, my supervisors have given me a lot of guidance, but in this project, I helped to lead it. Furthermore, I have not previously had to complete research that would have commercial applications.”

Having no background in quantitative finance or trading, Abbé had to learn quite quickly to ensure her project followed a direction that would lead to useful commercial outcomes. She credits the APR internship for providing her with the confidence required to transfer her research skills to other settings.

“This placement has given me a chance to see this for myself and allowed me to practice transferable skills and communicating to professionals in different areas of expertise.”

During a three – month period collaborating with internal and external stakeholders domestic and abroad, Abbé was instrumental in her ability to implement, back-test and further develop an existing signal generating algorithm as well as modified versions with great success.
Abbé’s work has been commercially deployed in live trading and investment strategies and the results are proving to be profitable with above average returns in comparison to the benchmark. Abbé’s expertise, multidisciplinary approach and ability to migrate skills from a different scientific discipline were nothing short or exemplary. Abbe was offered an employment contract and is welcome to join Euler Capital at the completion of her PhD.
The following quote rings true of our experience with Abbé and our continuing involvement with APR.Intern.
We have some of the world’s best researchers in our own backyard, so, business-university collaboration should be part of Australia’s Research and Development DNA. 

– Leigh Isai, Founder and COI at Euler Capital.

In her future, Abbé plans to do scientific research and analysis. Using this experience at APR.Intern, she feels equipped to enter the workforce with a network and is able to demonstrate the transferability of skills gained during the internship.

Abbe Whitford was a recipient of the WiSE subsidy.