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PhD students are trained problem solvers, adept at finding pathways to research and development. The emergence of big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing has created opportunity and demand for data analytics capabilities that are intrinsic to post-graduate research.

Global engineering and infrastructure advisory company, Aurecon, is harnessing the dedicated expertise needed to consolidate and extract value from this data, recognising the importance of linking client domain knowledge, engineering expertise and cutting-edge research.

“The most valuable part of the APR.Intern program for Aurecon has been the opportunity to source research expertise, from across multiple disciplines, to meet some of the most complex challenges in industry. Internship project outcomes are having an immediate impact with our clients and within Aurecon,”


Dr Slaven Marusic, Aurecon Digital Insights Leader

Hosna Tashakkori was chosen by Aurecon while finishing her PhD at the University of Melbourne to conduct research on three client projects across asset management, 2D and 3D information visualisations, and machine learning.

“The most important thing I learnt in my internship was how to work in an agile and changing business environment, to be bold in presenting innovative solutions but at the same time understanding that any solution developed to an industry problem, no matter how good it is, needs to be applicable and practical for delivery at the end of the day,”


Hosna Tashakkori, PhD Intern at Aurecon

Aurecon offered Hosna a full-time role after the internship and have embraced the program, and its value, by continuing to place more PhD students into the business.