The Australian Academy of Science is a Fellowship of more than 520 of the nation’s top scientists who live and work in Australia and around the world. New Fellows are elected annually for their personal contributions to science. The Academy’s mission is to provide independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice, promote international scientific engagement, build public awareness and understanding of science, and champion, celebrate and support excellence in Australian science.

The short-term, results-driven nature of APR.Intern projects has allowed the Academy to collaborate with universities, nationally, and tap into high-end academic resources. The access to Australia’s brightest emerging research talent has been a pathway for the Academy to spearhead cutting-edge research, with having hosted eight APR interns.

One former intern is Courtney Wallingford from the University of Queensland, who worked on the development of a research roadmap for blood cancers, under the instruction of the Australian Academy of Science Policy Team.

“I consulted various stakeholders to identify key priority areas of focus to accelerate blood cancer breakthroughs in Australia and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. My areas of focus included identifying key stakeholders to consult, developing and facilitating surveys and webinars, and conducting and analysing qualitative interviews.”

– Courtney Wallingford, Former APR Intern at The Australian Academy of Science

Image: Courtney Wallingford, APR Intern (supplied).

Being able to apply her skills to another area of healthcare, through a different lens (science policy) showed Courtney the transferability of her expertise. Throughout her internship, Courtney was particularly interested in health policy so that she could understand more about what it takes to create change at a policy level when conceptualising translational research projects.

Her top learning outcomes were developing her skills working in multidisciplinary teams and working together to deliver quality outputs across a diverse range of health policy topics.

“Courtney provided valuable insights and fresh perspectives in her time with the science policy team. Her enthusiasm and contributions were welcomed, and Courtney was a pleasure to work with.”

Hayley Teasdale, Manager Science Policy Projects at The Australian Academy of Science

Now having completed an APR internship, Courtney is excited to explore infinite career possibilities, as she is equipped with the tools to experience a wide range of roles within the mathematical sciences.

Courtney was a recipient of the WiSE subsidy.