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APR.Intern has partnered with the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) to put new technologies, business models and digitalisation in reach of Australian manufacturing industry.

Under the agreement, IMCRC will provide eligible businesses with a subsidy covering 50% of the cost of a 3-6 month internship to support industry-university research collaboration and drive manufacturing innovation.


Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) Subsidy

3-Month Internship:

Full Project Cost

50% Subsidy
IMCRC Subsidy

Net Cost to Industry Partner

4-month internship normally $23K, only $11.5K with IMCRC subsidy
5-month internship normally $26K, only $13K with IMCRC subsidy
6-month internship normally $29K, only $14.5K with IMCRC subsidy

Full project cost includes a monthly stipend for the student.

* All prices excl. GST



  • Access to specialised PhD expertise
  • Used for controlled practice growth
  • Suitable for short-term skill needs
  • Eligible for R&D tax incentive


  • Short, intensive 3-month projects for quick implementation of results
  • Quick turnaround on establishment
  • Responsive to changing business needs and priorities


  • IP stays with company
  • No employment requirements
  • Pre-approved contract
  • Simple and transparent model
  • Proven and trusted


Proposal must have Manufacturing relevance

One IMCRC Subsidy per business per year

Project subject to IMCRC review and approval

Project proposal should be aligned with Industry 4.0 principles and focus on emerging technologies and business models

Selection Criteria Details
Proposed internship research aligns with IMCRC research themes – Additive manufacturing
– Automation and robots
– Advanced materials
– Sensors and data analytics
– Industry transformation
Proposed internship research is largely MRL3 or higher Research maturity includes at least early proof of concept.
Australian manufacturer or significant part of Australian manufacturing innovation ecosystem Also includes global manufacturers with significant operations in Australia.
Proposed internship research will reasonably lead to manufacturing outcomes in Australia The internship research should result in developing positive changes in the manufacturing partner. E.g. discover or develop opportunities for industry diversification to access new markets; new product or process development; new business models; service extension or improvement; value chain creation; local supplier development; global supply chain access; net export growth; collaboration and industry involvement.


Justin Mabbutt
Business Development Manager, APR.Intern

 0413 050 952