Media Release
14 February 2023

AMSI receives $998,000 in funding to expand PhD internship program for women in STEM

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) has welcomed $998,000 in funding as part of the Federal Government’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WiSE) grants program.

The funding will see 113 women in STEM postgraduate research students placed into industry internships and receive entrepreneur training through AMSI’s industry engagement arm, Australian Postgraduate Research Intern (APR.Intern). APR.Intern is Australia’s leading internship program for PhD and postgraduate research students, having placed more than 900 students into industry-university collaboration projects.

AMSI Director, Professor Tim Marchant, said the funding will allow APR.Intern to expand its focus on gender diversity and support more women in building successful STEM industry careers.

“AMSI is thrilled to receive this funding from the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources. We want to grow the number of women in all STEM sectors and providing more internship opportunities to women is a valuable step in the right direction,” said Professor Marchant.

APR.Intern National Program Manager, Lisa Farrar, also welcomed the funding announcement, which will see APR.Intern collaborate with both existing and new industry partners to ensure more women gain the tools to build successful STEM careers.

“APR.Intern is Australia’s leading internship program for postgraduate research students. We want to create equal opportunities for everyone to enter STEM careers and it is wonderful to have the Department’s support to expand our focus on connecting more STEM women with industry,” said Lisa.

“Our internship model empowers students to thrive in a practical research environment and build confidence. This is particularly important when it comes to the confidence gap STEM women often face in industry environments,” Lisa added.

Under the WiSE grant, APR.Intern will offer eligible businesses a $7,500 subsidy to engage women in STEM postgraduate research students in 3-6 month research internships. This lowers the cost of a 3-month internship, for example, to $12,500, with 113 rebates available over the next three years.

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