1 April 2021


This week, APR.Intern celebrates the successful completion of our Federal Government-funded National Research Internships Program (NRIP).

Since 2017, this grant has helped us facilitate more than 600 industry-university collaborations. We have provided 331 businesses with a front door to Australia’s academic landscape, and worked with 35 universities, nationally, to improve the translation and commercialisation of research.

As of 1 April 2021, APR.Intern will undergo a review and refresh to herald the next exciting era of Australian postgraduate research internships. We are in discussion about transitioning to a new version of the program in the new financial year, and look forward to keeping you across the updates.

Snapshot of APR.Intern’s impact under NRIP (2017-2021):

  • 633 PhD students placed into short-term industry-university research collaborations
  • 331 industry partners, spanning all sectors and sizes
  • 35 universities engaged in the program, nationally
  • 71% of internships were unique collaborations between the university and industry partner
  • 70% of job-ready interns were offered employment following their internship; of those, 73% were offered a non-academic position and 27% were offered an academic position
  • 90% of interns reported the internship was either important or very important in preparing them for future employment
  • 74% of internship project outcomes were implemented, and 89% of industry partners surveyed intend to continue the research collaboration.
  • 99% program satisfaction rate among industry, students and academic mentors

Thank you to all our industry and university partners who have engaged in the program. The transfer of research skills from theory to real-world application is a key mechanism for accelerating commercial innovation, and we are proud of how APR.Intern has enhanced Australia’s innovation capability.

And thank you to all 633 PhD students who thrived in a new research environment. The last year, in particular, brought many new challenges related to the Pandemic, yet students remained dedicated to their internships.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and safe Easter.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Farrar
National Program Manager, APR.Intern