***Please note, this partnership period is now complete***

15 October 2018

PhD Projects to support NSW Defence Innovation

A new partnership with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s (AMSI) APR.Intern program will see NSW’s Defence Innovation Network invest $230,000 to place 30 specialist PhDs in defence over three years.

Co-funded under APR.Intern’s National Research Internship Program (NRIP), the internships will match PhDs to NSW defence companies to develop skills and deliver innovative technology.

As well as equipping PhDs to engage with commercial research, AMSI Director Professor Geoff Prince said the placements would transform NSW university engagement with defence innovation.

“These placements provide a powerful platform for NSW universities to complement specialist PhD training with industry experience and essential soft skills, while delivering real defence innovation solutions,” said Professor Prince.

NSW Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair said the PhD internships would enhance the Defence Innovation Network’s capacity to deliver high-level STEM skills to the defence industry.

“This partnership with AMSI is a fantastic opportunity to help our defence companies acquire the skills and expertise they need to deliver next-generation defence solutions,” Mr Blair said.

“This latest investment will add to 14 defence-focused PhD projects already being hosted across the seven university members of the Defence Innovation Network.

“Having our best university brains working together with our defence companies will help develop new technologies and protect our armed forces in a range of key areas like autonomous systems, sensors, aerospace, artificial intelligence and more.”

The NSW Government has committed $5 million to the Defence Innovation Network and the Commonwealth’s Defence Science and Technology Group and the NSW university partners are also providing investment and funding support.

These internships will contribute to placements to be delivered by APR.Intern under the Australian Government’s $28.2 million Supporting more women in STEM careers: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)—National Research Internship Program (NRIP).

These internships are supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, through the ‘Supporting more women in STEM careers: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) – National Research Internship Program.


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