Announcing internships at Aus Pits, VIC

Interns: Eileen (Yang) An and Buthainah Al Kharabsheh, Deakin University
Academic Mentor: Dr Riyadh Al-Ameri, Deakin University
Industry Partner: Pat Moulton, CEO, Aus Pits

Aus Pits is an experienced pre-cast manufacturing company, which develops and custom-designs pre-cast concrete products for a wide variety of industry construction clients.

Aus Pits contacted APR.Intern to enlist the help of two interns with specialist knowledge, who would help develop software modelling tools to build a library of structural designs, with the intent of reducing costs and increasing manufacturing efficiencies.

When building pits, a variety of possible circumstances must be taken into account, including the load from above, the depth and storage capacity of the pit well, and the surrounding terrain both above and below the ground.

The software modelling tools that the APR.Interns are developing allow these variables to be interchanged and manipulated to replicate real life scenarios.

Pat Moulton, National Operations Manager of Aus Pits said, The interns have been extremely proactive. The designs they have developed are an improvement over the existing designs. The outcomes will provide Aus Pits with on-going commercial benefits, leading to future developments.”

Direct access to the academic supervisor has provided high-level expertise to the business research problem. Through the student internship Aus Pits successfully introduced a new skill set into the business and, importantly, retained all intellectual property.

The partnership between APR.Intern and Aus Pits is one of many that have succeeded in linking Australian industries with the research expertise in our universities.