Intern: Huiyuan ‘Hollie’ Zheng, Maquarie University
Industry Partner:  Tim Robinson, Enware Australia
Academic Mentor: Associate Professor Jian Wang, Macquarie University

Enware Australia is a world-leading supplier of specialist air, water, gas and environmental health and safety solutions. With a goal to have a more environmentally friendly workplace, they decided to streamline their systems to reduce their paper use. Distinct know-how was needed to tailor their database.

Enware enlisted the skills of APR.Intern Huiyuan ‘Hollie’ Zheng from the Department of Computing at Macquarie University.

“The software that Hollie assisted in customising controls Enware’s manufacturing processes, product and price management systems and our accounting details. The upgrade has allowed us to fix incorrect usage of database fields and implement a set of defined requirements,” said Tim Robinson, Enware.

“Hollie’s area of expertise has provided Enware with a much needed skill set that has allowed us to customise our main database – increasing our productivity.

“The process for employing an APR.Intern, was simple. AMSI did all the hard work, allowing Enware to focus on their core business activities,” Robinson concluded.

Enware realised Hollie’s skill set was extremely valuable to the organisation and employed her on a full time basis at the completion of the internship.

APR.Intern delivers some of Australia’s young and brilliant minds to industries from a range of disciplines. The program provides a platform for industry to engage and attract talent into their organisation. Ultimately, this increases Australia’s global competitiveness by providing innovative solutions to industry.