Intern: Mark Wright, RMIT University (center)
Industry Partner: Derek Robinson, BDM, Agritechnology (left)
Academic Mentor: Dr Ingo Karpen, RMIT University (right)

Agritechnology Pty Ltd is a well established research and development (R&D) company based in regional NSW. They are at the forefront of their industry – developing biological-based products and fermentation production systems. 

Offering innovation to time-honoured farming practices carries a high amount of risk. Knowing this, Argritechnology identified the need to broaden their market research capability. And for this particular project the emphasis was put on determining the viability of potential new markets for their research and for their products.

They needed someone who could adapt quickly and apply their marketing research skills to a new knowledge domain – agricultural R&D.

“The APR.Intern internship program provided a ready-made solution for us,” said Derek Robinson, BDM Argitechnology. “Cate and the team at APR.Intern helped provide the project design and assisted with selecting our intern from the marketing school at RMIT University.”

Over the four month project Mark Wright, APR.Intern, produced a research report that investigated the market attractiveness of Agritechnology’s products.

“We had to make investment decisions and the report was a significant contributor to that decision making process,” Derek said.

When asked about his experience APR.Intern Mark said: “The APR.Intern internship has been a powerful springboard for me. I really enjoyed the project and have emerged a more accomplished and well-rounded researcher. The experience of completing a major project like this is unparalleled when it comes to cementing a job.”

APR.Intern continues to be a leader in solving the short-term research needs of Australian businesses. Leveraging its unique access to young, innovative Australian researchers through AMSI’s member institutions.