Remotely monitor your building’s emergency systems 

Intern: Adam Straube, Deakin University
Academic Mentor: Associate Prof. Abbas Kouzani and Associate Prof. Yong Xiang
Industry Partner: MPower Products Pty Ltd

MPower Products Pty Ltd works with traditional and new technologies to achieve higher performing energy solutions.

To prevent injuries and save lives, strict guidelines for installation, inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting systems are set by the Building Code of Australia. Within commercial or residential building there may be a battery-powered  emergency lighting system that is activated during an evacuation. Inspection and maintenance procedures are not often fulfilled due to neglect, or because of the high cost.

MPower recently enlisted an APR.Intern Adam Straube, Deakin University, to undertake a research project in building automation — more specifically, the electronic control systems of buildings. The aim of the project was to develop a smart wireless monitoring system that would enable remote and automated monitoring and self testing of the emergency lighting system.

“The system will be almost totally wireless, bringing major cost savings when it comes to installation and maintenance of the system. I really love working with both hardware and software, so I am enjoying this project immensely,” Adam said.

APR.Intern provides an affordable avenue for Australian businesses to access the vast research expertise at Australia’s universities.

The interns are postgraduate university students and receive support from an academic mentor at their university.Importantly, the program was designed so that all intellectual property remained with MPower.Projects are typically 4-5 months in duration, with some businesses offering long-term employment to the intern following the conclusion of the project.

“AMSI’s vast expertise and resources in assisting MPower with their desired requirements made the collaboration between the respective parties a fantastic business decision; one that proved to be extremely beneficial.

It was a valuable experience for all parties involved.“Without the contributions from AMSI, Deakin University and our competent researcher, Adam, MPower would not have been able to achieve the excellent results obtained,” said Randy Low, Product Manager – Emergency, MPower.