Enware Australia is a world-leading supplier of specialist Air, Water and Gas solutions.  Distinct know-how was needed to tailor their database and Enterprise Connect offered a link to the APR.Intern project – an initiative designed to connect universities with industries.

Huiyuan ‘Hollie’ Zheng joined the Enware team on a three-month contract.  Her contribution was so fantastic that at the end of her internship she was offered a full time job. Tim Robinson, Communications and Training Coordinator, said: “Hollie’s area of expertise has provided Enware with a much needed skill set that has allowed us to customise our main database – increasing our productivity.”

With computer systems and the push for environmentally friendly workplaces, most companies are being faced with the need to streamline their systems and go paper free.  Here arises a need for “data-basing”

Although many databases work on the same principal, the differing needs of companies will ensure that the demand for data-basing skills continues to grow. Successful software programs must be easy to use and encompasses as many – if not all – facets of the business.

“The software that Hollie assisted in customising controls Enware’s manufacturing processes, product and price management systems and our accounting details,” said Robinson.  “The upgrade has allowed us to fix incorrect usage of database fields and implement a set of defined requirements.

“The process for employing an APR.Intern, was simple.  AMSI did all the hard work, and I am very appreciative of how everything was handled,” Robinson concluded.

Continued support from the Federal Government will allow APR.Intern to deliver some of Australia’s young and brilliant minds to industries where they are needed most. Defending Australia’s competitiveness and innovativeness in world markets.