Monitoring Pedestrian Traffic in Melbourne

Mentor: Dr Kais Hamza, Monash University
Intern: Josh Browning, Monash University
Industry Partner: Dr Boreak Silk, City of Melbourne
Project Duration: April to July 2010

The City of Melbourne monitor pedestrian traffic at 18 locations around town. Real-time data allows council to:

  • determine the impact of events and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on the level of pedestrian activity in the city;
  • measure tourism, transport planning and emergency planning initiatives;
  • compare the number of movements that occur across the city by foot, to other modes of transport, to inform transport policies and ecological footprint estimates;
  • monitor the relative changes in pedestrian numbers overtime
  • Strategically plan for increases into cater for in

Data collected between 2006 and 2010 was analysed to assist in describing how pedestrian traffic varies from temporally and spatially and in relation to the occurrence of special events, road and construction activity and varying economic conditions. Methodological issues such as missing data values and changes in monitoring technology were considered.