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As they race to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, the defence industry is increasingly turning to specialised research to accelerate idea development and innovation in areas such as naval engineering.

Independent engineering and project management consultancy, BMT Design & Technology, recently discovered the benefits of access to in-house research skills with APR.Intern and funding support under the program’s partnership with the Defence Science Institute (DSI).

“While BMT already values and actively invests in research and development, the APR.Intern program has shown us how effective a dedicated project-focused researcher can be,”


Aidan Depetro, BMT Design and Technology Senior Engineer

Swinburne University of Technology PhD student, Sergei Chichin, was matched with BMT to apply his specialised computational mechanism design skills to optimise development of an in-house design tool.

“Sergei’s specialist optimisation and software design knowledge helped us overcome major hurdles in the automation of compartment arrangement and incorporation of in-house knowledge into the design tool,”


Aidan Depetro, BMT Design and Technology Senior Engineer

The results speak for themselves, with the company considering the design tool as an opportunity for future business enterprises.

“At this stage, the tool will be used internally to rapidly generate and evaluate designs for a range of clients but commercial ventures are a possibility down the track,” added Aidan.