The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS)

The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) has partnered with the Australian Mathematical and Science Institute (AMSI) with ‘APR.Intern Program’ to launch an innovative PhD intern program aimed at delivering access to high-end quantitative and analytical expertise to finance firms.

Based on the international success of Mitacs Program in Canada, which places more than 1800 students a year into internships, the innovative APR.Intern – ACFS Internship Program model connects highly skilled and motivated PhD students (mentored by an academic supervisor) to solve problems within financial institutions. Students are drawn from all disciplines including mathematics and statistics, science, engineering, social and biological sciences, business and economics and introduce a new skills set into the workplace with the specialist knowledge of an academic supervisor.

Speaking about the new partnership with APR.Intern, Prof Deborah Ralston, Executive Director of ACFS, commented: “This program is a response to the often stated need for highly skilled quantitative graduates to work on short term complex analytical finance problems. Not only does this model present an extremely cost effective solution to that problem, but the four to five month period of the internship can also reduce the risk of recruitment.”

Professor Geoff Prince, the AMSI Director, said, “I am particularly pleased with this partnership with the ACFS having had a number of my own PhD students work in the finance sector. APR.Intern will provide a tried and tested way for finance, banking and insurance companies to get access to high level skills from a variety of backgrounds to deliver innovation and competitive advantage.”

Media enquiries:
Professor Deborah Ralston
Executive Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies
M: +61 419 650318 | D: +61 3 9666 1010

Cate Ballard
National Program Manager, APR.Intern
T: 03 9035 5037