AMSI welcomes Federal Government announcement to place researchers with mathematical and statistical skills into small and medium enterprise.

Prof. Geoff Prince, Director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), welcomed today’s announcement by the Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Research, The Hon Richard Marles MP, that will place young researchers with mathematical and statistical skills into Australian small and medium enterprises for five month internships.

Prof. Prince said: “This is a win for SMEs that will give them access to the analytical skills that support innovation and productivity. It is also a win for the interns who will gain valuable industry experience and enhance their employability. We believe that the internships will lead to lasting collaborations with industry.”

The new internship program will place up to 90 postgraduates over three years into Australian businesses to bring new analytical techniques to problems in areas from supply chain logistics to gene sequencing. The interns, guided by their academic mentors, will spend five months in industry placements working on innovative solutions to commercial and industrial problems.

The scheme, modelled on a successful Canadian program that aims to place 1500 postgraduate interns this year, will be jointly run by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the Commonwealth Government’s Enterprise Connect. It will extend Enterprise Connect’s Researchers in Business program. Prof. Prince said: “I thank our Canadian colleagues for their advice and Richard Marles for his support of Australia’s mathematical sciences.”

The internships are open to postgraduate students in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines such as engineering, physics, computer science and some biological and medical sciences.

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