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APR.Intern is a division of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) – Australia’s national voice and champion for mathematics and statistics, comprised of 40+ member institutions.

As of 1 January 2022, AMSI member universities derive an internship benefit by virtue of their membership:

  • All AMSI member universities receive unlimited free mathematical sciences internships.
  • All AMSI member universities receive an allocated number of free non-mathematical sciences internships based on their level of membership – see AMSI Member list below.
  • When a university exceeds its allocation of free non-mathematical sciences internships, this base model levies a $3,000 fee per internship to assist in covering program overhead.


An annual subscription model is also available for universities, allowing uncapped internship facilitation, for those looking to engage in a larger number of internships.


Monash University

RMIT University

University of Melbourne

The University of
New South Wales

Swinburne University of Technology

Western Sydney University

Federation University Australia


All AMSI member universities derive an APR.Intern benefit by virtue of their membership.

AMSI Membership Type Number of Free Mathematical Sciences Internships included in AMSI Membership* Number of Free Non-Mathematical Sciences Internships included in AMSI Membership**
Full Member Unlimited 5
Large Associate Unlimited 3
Medium Associate Unlimited 2
Small Associate Unlimited 1
Non-Member 0 0

*  Mathematical Sciences (FOR 01) is comprised of the following four-digit codes: 0101 Pure Mathematics, 0102 Applied Mathematics, 0103 Numerical and Computational Mathematics, 0104 Statistics, 0105 Mathematical Physics, 0199 Other Mathematical Sciences.

**  Non-Mathematical Sciences includes all FOR codes not listed above.

Internship classification of mathematical sciences/non-mathematical sciences determined by student FOR code.