Vehicle Electronic Stability Control System Validation Test Equipment

Location: Townsville, QLD

Duration: 3 months

Proposed start date: February 2020

Project Background

Modern vehicles have a requirement under Australian Design Rules (ADR) to have a functional Vehicle/Electronic Stability Control (VSC/ESC) system as part of the Antilock Braking System (ABS). Under ADR 88, any modification to a vehicle the VSC/ESC must be retested to confirm correct function. At present this requires a test that involves a Sine and Dwell input, that is completely autonomous (i.e.: steering robot), which is expensive and beyond the means of most companies to undertake.

Research to be Conducted

The research to be conducted, is an analysis of the control system (CANBUS) that interfaces with the vehicle to ensure correct function of the VSC/ESC system, which is able to be accessed, via a software interface, that is cost effective and suitable to allow for confirmation testing of the input signal from the VSC/ESC, to ensure correct processing of inputs to the systems are functioning as per OEM specifications.

Skills Required

We are looking for a PhD student with the following:


  • Understanding of Process Control Systems
  • CANBUS architecture


  • Computer programming of windows or android software

Expected Outcomes

A validated system that can be interpret the VSC/ESC signal and provide confirmation of signal function.

Additional Details

The intern will receive $3,000 per month of the internship, usually in the form of stipend payments.

It is expected that the intern will primarily undertake this research project during regular business hours, spending at least 80% of their time on-site with the industry partner.  The intern will be expected to maintain contact with their academic mentor throughout the internship either through face-to-face or phone meetings as appropriate.

The intern and their academic mentor will have the opportunity to negotiate the project’s scope, milestones and timeline during the project planning stage.

Applications Close

28 August 2019


APR – 1034