Carrot Marketing and Product Development Research Project

Location: Forth, Davenport, TAS (opportunity to complete internship remotely with some visits)

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Proposed start date: ASAP

Project Background

Premium Fresh Tasmania grows, packs and markets around 15,000 tonnes of carrots, these include small quantities of Chantenay and Dutch carrot lines. The company is a national strategic supply partner of Coles Supermarkets and supplies the supermarkets with over 5,500 tonnes of carrots.

In recent years many staple fresh vegetables lines sold on the Australian domestic market have had flat sales levels or are in decline. There are a number of reasons for this general trend and each individual vegetable line may have unique causes, however the developing movement towards prepared foods for convenience is a common factor in most of the declining trends of fresh vegetable sales.

Premium Fresh has not been immune to this trend and over the last several years and has experienced sales in slight decline.

Coles Supermarkets are Premium Fresh Tasmania’s most important trade partner and the general decline in fresh vegetable sales is a dilemma for both parties.

The challenge with this project is to increase the current level in Premium Fresh carrot sales volume to Coles and as a consequence increase the value of Premium Fresh in its trading relationship with Coles Supermarkets.

To achieve this, marketing expertise is needed to review existing current retail offerings, develop strategies and create opportunities, with specific focus on product development.

Premium Fresh is the only growers/marketer of Chantenay carrots in Australia. While Chantenay are established in UK markets and actually represent 10%-12% of carrots sales, they are yet to be successfully marketed in the major supermarkets in Australia. Coles are open to the development and introduction of this product and are aligned with the objectives of this project.

Research to be Conducted

  1. Research and confirm issues behind the flat/decline in fresh carrot sales.
  2. Develop growth strategy for Premium Fresh to create an increase in sales volumes for carrots within Coles supermarkets over the next 2 -3 years
  3. Develop and launch Chantenay carrot product with Coles Supermarkets in a way that produces a net benefit to the Carrot category

Skills Required

We are looking for a PhD student with the following:


  • Understand the basic principles of marketing and have the capacity to apply them to a research and development project
  • To be resourceful and creative to produce a commercially sound result.


  • Experience in agriculture, strong people skills and a team approach

Expected Outcomes

  • Create a report outlining strategy for growth in Carrots category 2 to 3 years
  • Chantenay product or products launched in Coles supermarkets
  • Increased commitment in Premium Fresh carrot sales in Coles supermarkets
  • Evidence of an improvement of the overall carrot sales in Coles Supermarkets

Additional Details

The intern will receive $3,000 per month of the internship, usually in the form of stipend payments.

It is expected that the intern will primarily undertake this research project during regular business hours, spending at least 80% of their time on-site with the industry partner.  The intern will be expected to maintain contact with their academic mentor throughout the internship either through face-to-face or phone meetings as appropriate.

The intern and their academic mentor will have the opportunity to negotiate the project’s scope, milestones and timeline during the project planning stage.

Applications Close

19 June 2019


APR – 0998