Psychometric Assessment Analysis & Management

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Duration: 4 months

Proposed start date: April 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Due to funding requirements, students must have Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or Permanent Residency to apply. Any applicants not meeting this requirement will automatically be deemed ineligible for this project.

Project Background

Davidson HR Consulting (DHRC) specialises in providing solutions in three areas of workplace performance to our customers.

  • Attraction and Selection – Delivering an efficient and streamlined recruitment and selection process, across the entire talent life-cycle. We help you define success and select the best via selection centres, volume-based screening solutions, talent pooling and cutting-edge assessment tool offerings.
  • Developing Leaders – Accelerating leadership development to ensure the organisation has leaders to deliver for the now and future via experiential development programs aimed at 4 levels of leadership as well as building competency frameworks and 360 surveys.
  • Employee Engagement and Experience – Using regular Employee Engagement and Experience feedback and actions to drive performance, staff and customer retention. We enable an environment for change via leading edge survey software and consulting services to successfully interpret, action and implement.

The Intern will work predominately in the areas of attraction and selection and leadership development.

Research to be Conducted

DHRC use a wide range of psychometric assessments for both selection and development. In conjunction with our psychometric partners we have developed some highly customised assessment solutions tailored specifically to meet customer requirements. DHRC are seeking to engage an Intern who has a keen interest in psychometrics who will assist their team of Consulting Psychologists to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of our customised assessment solutions. Critically analyse each assessment or campaign against desired or required outcomes and review or create a technical specification for each assessment or campaign
  • Perform, benchmark and review the assessment administration function to identify system and process improvements
  • Review and benchmark the DHRC assessment accreditation process, customer training and support materials to identify improvements.
  • Deliver a final report that can be used to inform and support business improvements / change initiatives.

To gain a deep understanding of both the organisation and the proposed project, as well as the project’s impact and value to the business, it is expected that the intern will be exposed to operational aspects of DHRC, for example supporting internal and external customers with psychometric report interpretation and debriefs.

Skills Required

We are looking for a PhD student with the following:


  • Undergraduate Degree or Master’s in Psychology


  • Masters in Organisational or Industrial Psychology
  • Qualifications in the fields of Business or Human Resources
  • Experience in:
    • the use of psychometric assessments – cognitive, personality, emotional intelligence, values etc.
    • the field of Human Resources or Consulting

Expected Outcomes

At the culmination of this internship:

  • Desired Outcomes for the Industry Partner:
    • All customised assessment solutions will have been analysed, reviewed and technical specifications will have been updated or created.
    • Recommendation for change and improvement of:
      • The administration management of our assessments
      • The appropriate use of different assessments mapped to specific roles and/or desired outcomes for our customers
      • Improvement of internal and external support of customers
      • Improved management of training and accreditation processes
  • Desired outcomes for the Intern:
    • The opportunity to work with and be mentored by a National Team of Organisational and Consulting Psychologists and a wider team of Specialist Consultants
    • Accreditation in multiple psychometric tools
    • Gain a broad range of skills and experience across the areas of psychometric assessment for selection and development, and the creation and delivery of leadership development and employee experience solutions

Additional Details

The intern will receive $3,000 per month of the internship, usually in the form of stipend payments.

It is expected that the intern will primarily undertake this research project during regular business hours, spending at least 80% of their time on-site with the industry partner.  The intern will be expected to maintain contact with their academic mentor throughout the internship either through face-to-face or phone meetings as appropriate.

The intern and their academic mentor will have the opportunity to negotiate the project’s scope, milestones and timeline during the project planning stage.

Applications Close

27 March 2019


APR – 0878

  • Adam Lenihan Business Development - QLD
    0422 099 645