The Australian financial planning company, Optimo, has been building financial models using optimisation techniques for over 25 years.  However, they found financial model tools to be limiting and required manual handling to determine risk, so were seeking to enhance its offering by accounting for risk within its analytical tool and displaying outcomes in a compelling manner.

APR.Intern was able to offer Optimo an easy, low cost research solution to access the expertise needed to make these improvements, through the University of New South Wales Mathematical Sciences PhD student, Wei Wu.

“Optimo’s existing tools greatly improve financial planner’s ability to offer good, robust financial advice to clients, and Wei Wu’s input and work strengthened these tools,” Optimo Financial CEO, Hugh Bannister said.

“The academic mentors and Wei Wu were able to make certain the proposed approach was theoretically and practically sound and were also able to explore possible improvements.”

Hugh believes the work completed during Wu’s internship will allow Optimo to improve its offerings to the market.