Since emerging on the NSW manufacturing scene in 2007, the chemical transport SME leader, Omnitanker, has had a meteoric journey to global success. Challenged with developing a versatile, lightweight safe composite tank to stringent European standards, Omnitanker partnered with APR.Intern to gain access to skilled expertise that would take their design to the next level.

“We were matched with Manudha “Thinu” Herath at a critical time in this project. To be able to so rapidly and seamlessly tap into his specialised engineering skills made a significant difference for Omnitanker, and is one of the reasons APR.Intern is so successful,” Chief Technical Officer, Luke Djukic said.

Intern Thinu Herath from the University of New South Wales, worked with Omnitanker to develop the structural design of the tank and its fire protection system. He also worked to manufacture a full-sized prototype of the 4000-litre tank which was then used for further testing in Germany.

“We greatly benefited from Thinu’s involvement in the project. He was able to offer a higher level of finite element analysis capability than we had previously, improving design efficiency and reducing development,” Luke explains.

From concept and development to final product delivery, the project was a win-win experience with Thinu now a full-time member of the team. The project reached a key milestone with fire protection testing taking place on Thinu’s tank in Germany.