Global therapeutics leader, CSL, was looking for the expertise needed to overhaul their data storage and analysis systems. This came in the form of computer sciences, engineering and business PhD Milica Ng, placed by APR.Intern’s national PhD internship program.

It did not take long for Milica to impress during her internship, with her work transforming CSL’s ability to quickly and accurately mine and analyse large volumes of gene-sequencing data. This work has become critical to CSL’s capacity to identify new drug targets and improve treatments for a range of conditions including coagulation disorders as well as neurological disorders.

CSL was quick to take advantage of Milica’s interdisciplinary skill set, offering her a full-time role as a Bioinformatics Research Scientist, enabling the former intern to use her mathematics, computing and engineering expertise to improve the quality of life and treatments for patients with rare life-threatening conditions such as haemophilia.

Milica has thrived in this ever-changing landscape, driven by the challenge of rapidly advancing research technologies and the need to work with increasing volumes of data.

“I definitely enjoy the dynamic nature of the field. It is exciting to see the role of mathematical and other quantitative sciences evolve in medical and biological research with the rapid development of measuring platforms and technologies,” said Milica.

Milica is now working alongside CSL biologists to use bioinformatics analysis and systems pharmacology to identify new therapeutic targets and confirm effectiveness of existing therapies. With targeted treatments now a focus, she also helps identify those likely to respond best to new therapies.