APR.Intern is an innovative university and industry collaboration connecting business and other organisations to the vast research expertise in Australia’s universities.

Under the guidance of an experienced researcher, postgraduate students complete a 4–5 month project with an Australian business, forming a partnership between industry and the university. Armed with a technical and fresh skill set, the intern brings a new perspective and the latest knowledge to a research challenge faced by your business.

Bioinformatics is an exciting new area of interdisciplinary science. While many definitions exist, in general bioinformatics blends technologies from computing, mathematics and statistics to help solve biological problems. Bioinformatics is about creating biological information and knowledge by the acquisition, archiving, integration, analysis and interpretation of biological data. Biotechnology, drug development, medicine, cancer research, agriculture and plant science are just a few of the many areas in which bioinformatics is having a massive impact, and in which the demand for skilled bioinformaticians is rising rapidly.

In order to build industry engagement and establish long-term partnerships in the bioinformatics area, APR.Intern will be linking internships to the BioInfoSummer annual flagship program. We are looking for industry partners who have a research need in the Bioinformatics area who wish to take part with some funding is available.

Through this research collaboration organisations will be invited to the 2013 BioInfoSummer symposium to showcase your research and raise the profile of your organisation .