Multiple Opportunities (20+)

Location: Various

Duration: 4-5 months

Proposed start date: Various (July – October 2018)

Keywords: Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Material Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Telecommunications, Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Food Science, Social Science, Psychology

Project Background

The Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) is the Australian Government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests. As one of Australia’s largest employers of scientists and engineers, DST deliver expert, impartial advice and innovative solutions for Defence and national security.

DST have partnered with APR.Intern to place up to 100 PhD interns with Defence over four-years. With a focus on gender equity, the internships are open to all eligible STEM PhD students with support from the Department of Education and Training through the Supporting more women in STEM careers: APR.Intern—National Research Internship Program.

Round one of DST projects are now available for PhD candidates. Click here to view list of projects.

Applying for DST Group Internships 

If you are interested in applying for an APR internship with DST please submit your application online with the correct APR.Intern CV template and signed Supervisor Approval form.

Candidates are requested to nominate up to three DST projects in the ‘Application to Industry’ section listed on the APR.Intern CV template.

Interstate candidates will be considered for internships, however relocation to the nominated location for the project may be required.

Skills Required 

Technical requirements are listed on the DST Group projects list available here.  In addition, we are looking for PhD students with:

  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Strong report writing skills, including non-technical
  • Eager to gain industry experience

Eligibility Requirements

Due to Commonwealth Government security requirements all candidates will require baseline clearance and therefore must hold Australian citizenship at commencement of the internship.

If you are to receive Australian citizenship in the coming months and are interested in participating in a DST internship, please contact the Business Developer to discuss, or submit an application advising the date of citizenship ceremony.

Additional Details

The intern will receive $3,000 per month of the internship, usually in the form of stipend payments.

It is expected that the intern will primarily undertake this research project during regular business hours, spending at least 80% of their time on-site with the industry partner.  The intern will be expected to maintain contact with their academic mentor throughout the internship either through face-to-face or phone meetings as appropriate.

The intern and their academic mentor will have the opportunity to negotiate the project’s scope, milestones and timeline during the project planning stage.

To participate in the APR.Intern program, all applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a PhD student currently enrolled at an Australian university
  • PhD candidature must be confirmed
  • Applicants must have the written approval of their Principal Supervisor to undertake the internship. This approval must be submitted at the time of application.
  • Internships are also subject to any requirements stipulated by the student’s and the academic mentor’s university

Currently Open


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